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  • On Board Information Security Inspection Toolbox (Training version)

    In order to build the network of vehicles safety testing and training system and set up the safety testing environment. The test scheme covers vehicle and machine software, on-board communication, in-car intelligent terminal equipment, in-car bus and othe

  • On Board Information Security Inspection Toolbox (Test version)

    It is a one-stop vehicle information security test tool platform combining software and hardware, which is convenient for testers to carry to the site and carry out all-round and standardized information security tests on the vehicle.

  • Rail Transit System Cyber Security Detection Kit

    The rail transit system information safety detection toolbox is a one-stop rail transit system information safety detection tool platform combining hardware and software. It is mainly used for information safety risk assessment and site work management.

  • Industrial Control Information Security Function Development And Test Verification Solution

    Standardize the product security development process according to the information security development process; Organize and define the information security functions and requirements of the product, and develop the corresponding verification and testing

  • On Board Information Security Training Solution

    With vehicle-mounted information security system as the basic framework, it is suitable for the actual requirements of university teaching and information security literacy construction of students, and combines vehicle safety test and training teaching u

  • Vehicle Intrusion Detection And Defense Solution

    The on-board intrusion detection and defense system IDPS provides a variety of security monitoring and protection means such as OTA upgrade security, system security, log storage security, off-board network security, on-board bus security and GNSS spoofin

  • On-board T-Box safety reinforcement solution

    TICPSH, together with its GeLu team, provides an open reference design for the network security terminal unit, equipped with an autonomous and controllable KSE2.0 security encryption module.

  • Airworthiness Certification Solution For Airborne Software System

    Design the development and validation process based on models and formal methods, as well as the corresponding airworthiness certification system, and finally meet the airworthiness certification requirements of the General Administration of Civil Aviatio

  • Abnormal Crowd Monitoring And Early Warning System

    The early warning and analysis system of abnormal population monitors the psychological and physiological state of abnormal people through intelligent image analysis and processing technology, and monitors and gives early warning of the dynamic movement o

  • Physiological Emotion Assistant Analysis System

    The physiological and psychological health assessment system synchronously calculates and analyzes the physiological and psychological states of the subjects, and presents the real-time mental activity state of the subjects by chromatographic method.

  • Optical Quality Inspection System For PCB

    The machine vision technology is used to automatically receive and process the object image to obtain information through optical devices and contactless sensors, and complete the defect detection of PCBA products automatically and contactless.


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