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  • SmartRocket TestGrid

    TestGrid Embedded Software Automated Testing Tool / A static analysis, Unit testing, and Integration testing platform for C/C++ programs

  • SmartRocket Modeler

    Visual Modeling Development Tool / Visual Model Design and Verification & Effective C Code Auto-generation

  • SmartRocket PeneCAN

    CAN Bus Penetration Test Tool / Penetration test for in-vehicle CAN/CANFD bus

  • SmartRocket PeneX

    Cybersecurity Test System / All-encompassing Cybersecurity Penetration and Compliance Assessment

  • SmartRocket BlitzFuzz

    Industrial Internet Protocol Fuzzing Tool / Fuzzing Test for Industrial Internet Protocol

  • SmartRocket Scanner

    Software Composition Analysis Tool / Scanning for known vulnerabilitie security risks, and license risks


Testing And Evaluation
Security Assessment Center Laboratory
Vehicle Ethernet Protocol Conformance Verification Test Laboratory
Automotive Cybersecurity Testing Laboratory
Power Semiconductor Device Testing Laboratory
Monitoring And Early Warning
Industrial Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform
Simulation Verification
Intelligent Water Digital Twin Security Simulation and Verification Laboratory
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Functional Safety Research Institute
Cyber Security Research Institute
Automotive Research Institute
TICPSH College
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TICPSH 51fusa Community
Jianyuan Lab
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