• Avionics system software part airworthiness certification system construction project

    At the request of ComAC, a civil aircraft manufacturer in China, TICPSH functional Safety Research Institute provides a complete set of airworthiness system certification consulting services. Based on DO-178C and its supplementary standards such as DO-331 and DO-333, the development and verification process based on model and formal method and corresponding airworthiness certification system for ComAC civil aircraft are designed. Finally, it meets the airworthiness certification requirements of CAAC, FAA, EASA and other relevant parties.

  • Research project on safety detection technology of rail transit industrial control System

    In collaboration with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, the paper studied the safety assessment method for the rail transit industrial control system, designed the safety detection box for the grade protection of the rail transit industrial control system, used the safety detection box, sorted out the list of equipment assets of the rail transit system, and analyzed the rail transit system business. Carry out comprehensive assessment of information security management, including safety strategies and management systems, safety management institutions and personnel, safety construction management, safety operation and maintenance management, safety training and inspection, etc.; Assist safety inspectors to accurately and quickly evaluate the online system's compliance with other requirements to ensure that the system meets such safety requirements when it goes online.

  • The Chang 'e-3 lunar probe soft landing project

    In 2012, China's lunar exploration engineering team prepared for the Chang 'e-3 lunar probe to make a soft landing on the moon in 2013, but the system code test mission time was tight, and manual detection seemed difficult to catch up. As China's first unmanned lunar probe soft landing on the moon, "Chang 'e III" has a very high requirement for functional security and information security, and the code detection of the system cannot make any mistakes. Under the leadership of Academician He Jifeng, he independently developed the first generation of unit test tools. This intelligent tool has lived up to the expectations and excellently completed the auxiliary test mission, contributing to the chang 'e lunar landing mission.

  • Industrial Control Information Security Test project of intelligent water Supply System

    In collaboration with Shanghai Municipal Water Bureau (Shanghai Oceanic Administration), it has set up a scenario simulation laboratory for industrial control system reuse in the water industry to build an internationally leading "simulation verification" capability. To build a threat warning platform for the water sector and improve the "monitoring and warning" capability of the industrial control system for water sector; To compile standards and specifications for industrial control systems in the water sector, build demonstration applications, and enhance the capability of "standard certification"; For water conservancy, water supply, drainage and other water industrial control systems, combined with functional security and information security compatibility issues, to provide information security solutions, strengthen the "detection and evaluation" capacity.

  • Shanghai Metro Line 17 signal System project

    It adopts the core techniques of formal analysis, test and verification, and pioneered the formal unified modeling theory and multi-dimensional verification technology. The multilevel simulation and testing technology for token fusion is constructed. The metro signalling system that supports Casco Signals Becomes SIL4 with the highest international safety certification; It has been successfully deployed in Line 17 of Shanghai Rail transit.