Introduction to the platform

Shanghai Trusted Industrial Control Platform Co., Ltd. is one of the 18 r&d and transformation functional platforms promoted by Shanghai Municipal Government and Putuo District government to build a global scientific and technological innovation center.


Platform based on Shanghai, giving full play to the advantages of Yangtze river delta regional industry, automotive electronics, rail transportation, aerospace, and other areas of the safety matters, focus on industrial control system security and cyber security core technology research and development and achievements, coordinated with both national and provincial technology innovation platform, forming technology research and development, simulation, monitoring and early warning, training, consulting, industrial docking services functions, such as connecting the government, industry upstream and downstream enterprises, scientific research institutions, social capital and other related subjects of technology innovation and industrial ecological service platform.



愿 景

Technology and standards R & D Center

Talent and resource gathering center

Industry and service integration center



Integrity, openness, diligence and customer achievement


使 命

Enabling industrial safety



Nov 2023

Awarded "Shanghai Student (Youth) Science and Technology Innovation Education Base".

Jun 2023

Selected as SHEITC 2023 Network and Data Security Support Unit.

Jun 2022

Awarded "Shanghai SRDI Enterprise".

Jan 2022

The Security Assessment Center was awarded the CNAS Certification Laboratory.

Dec 2021

Won the "2020 Shanghai high-tech achievements transformation independent innovation Top 10".

Oct 2021

Won the first prize of "Technological Invention of Science and Technology Award of CCF in 2021".

Nov 2020

Approved to establish Postdoctoral Research Workstation.

Sept 2020

CAE academicians visit TICPSH for investigation and guidance.

May 2020

Won the special prize of “Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019”.

Oct 2019

Approved to establish the Party branch.

Mar 2018

The platform was officially launched.