Industry funds

Introduction to the Fund

Lead the establishment of Shanghai Industrial Control Security Innovation Industry Fund, the initial scale of the fund is 100 million yuan. Facing the four fields of industrial security, industrial software, industrial core equipment and industrial Internet, the company leverages social capital through funds to provide high-quality financial services for incubators and teams. Help it accelerate the process of product research and development, test mass production, business development and capital docking, and serve the innovation team at different stages with the mode of combining hardware and software.

Investment logic

  • Determine the course

    Choose the subdivision direction in four fields, analyze value, moat, technology maturity

  • Feel the pulse trend

    In the industrial security, industrial software, industrial core equipment, industrial Internet four areas for 10 years trend

  • In-depth research

    Conduct in-depth research on international situations, national policies, scientific and technological directions, customer needs and core technologies