Industrial Park

  • World Software Park

    Shanghai Tiandi Software Park is a municipal software industry base in Shanghai. Located on the west of Zhongjiang Road and south of Nujiang North Road, it is the first high-tech industrial park themed by software industry and information service industry in "West Hall" of Shanghai. The park covers an area of 350,000 square meters, of which 110,000 square meters are the key part of the park's current construction. It has more than 140 enterprises and nearly 4,000 employees. It is the consistent tenet of the park to integrate high-quality social resources, create a good environment suitable for the growth and development of software enterprises, and provide first-class public service platform. Since its establishment, the park has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign software enterprises with its advanced information infrastructure, relatively perfect supporting living facilities, low business costs and professional service platform.

  • China-israel Innovation Park

    The China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation Park, located in Putuo District, Shanghai, was officially opened, with the first batch of 20 enterprises and institutions entering the park, covering fields such as artificial intelligence and robotics, medical health and life sciences, Internet and information technology. The park is another outcome of China-Israel cooperation in the field of innovation. It will give full play to the respective advantages of Shanghai and Israel and provide one-stop service for Israeli innovative enterprises and entrepreneurial teams to connect with Chinese market, capital and industry. The park also supports innovation institutions and entrepreneurship teams of China and Israel to strengthen cooperation and exchanges and achieve win-win development through "joint innovation and research + two-way technology transfer + entrepreneurship incubation" and other means.

  • Peach Puzhi city

    Taopu Wisdom and Create city based on "science and technology innovation, intelligent, smart integration" of the target, will build northwest of Shanghai central city is leading the modernization of the city, built with wisdom construction as the core competitiveness of Shanghai city outstanding function integration of global city district, according to the construction of integrated innovation as the distinctive characteristics of Shanghai global kechuang center bearing area, become the center of Shanghai city transformation and upgrading of the demonstration zone. Help Putuo District to realize the transformation from old industrial base to green ecological city.

  • A new area near Hong Kong

    Approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang New Zone is set up south of Dazhe River in Shanghai and south of Pudong Airport. In accordance with the principle of "overall planning and step-by-step implementation", nanhui New City, Lingang Equipment Industrial Zone, Xiaoyangshan Island, south of Pudong Airport and other areas will be launched in advance. The new area is located in the southeast of Shanghai, with Pudong International Airport in the north and Yangshan International Hub port in the south. It is an important node of The coastal channel of Shanghai, and has a very convenient comprehensive traffic advantage of sea, air, railway, highway, inland river and rail transit. New area according to the deeper and wider areas, greater efforts to promote the all-round high level open general requirements and the development goals, by 2025, establish a more mature system of investment and trade liberalization and facilitation system, build a batch of higher openness of functional platform, gathered a group of world first-class enterprise, regional significantly enhanced creativity and competitiveness, economic strength and its total economic output jumped sharply.