Chang 'e-5 ends successfully! Shanghai Security for chang 'e-5 software credibility to provide guarantee

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China's lunar probe Chang 'e-5 landed in siziwang Banner, Inner Mongolia, at 1:59 a.m. (Beijing time), marking the completion of China's first extraterrestrial sampling mission, according to the China National Space Administration.


Relevant experts said the national aeronautics and space administration chang e five tasks as China the biggest span in the highest, technical complexity space systems engineering, and success achieved many technological innovation, break through a series of key technologies, enhance the level of space technology for China, perfect the system of the lunar exploration project, the research of lunar science, organization and follow up the moon and interstellar mission, serves, the significance of a milestone.



The software trust guarantee system covers the whole life cycle of the software


The Chang 'e-5 mission, as China's most complex space system project with the largest technological span, has successfully achieved technological innovation in many aspects and made breakthroughs in a series of key technologies. Adopt a lot of autonomously controllable intelligent equipment technology products to provide comprehensive guarantee for different stages of "winding, falling and returning".

Among them, the role and status of "software" in spacecraft is becoming more and more prominent. It is reported that the chang 'e-5 lunar surface takeoff, lunar orbit rendezvous and docking and re-entry and return more than 60 percent of the functions involved in software implementation. This puts forward a high demand for the stability and reliability of aerospace control software. Software credibility has become an important factor in ensuring the success of space missions.

As early as more than a decade ago, for domestic software in academia and industry recognition of "safety credible" label, accused of Ann's chief scientist, He Jifeng academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai led the "trusted software" the team from the basic theory of solving many problems and the unification of the pioneering software modeling theory in the world, through the in-depth study and engineering of software formalization method, formed the systemic software trusted security method system, including software modeling, analysis, validation, and testing of whole life cycle of software development complete coverage, to ensure the safety of the software to be trusted.

After more than ten years of painstaking accumulation, it has been polished into a series of trusted software tools products. Completely independent research and development, for example, the domestic first through the international authoritative certification unit testing tools, etc., to achieve the software reliability guarantee from theory to method, the method to product, qualitative to quantitative, local to the system, relying on people to rely on systematic methods and tools, make the software reliable security based on solid scientific theories, improve the credibility of aerospace embedded software. This achievement has also won a series of important provincial and ministerial awards, such as the special prize of 2020 Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award.




Testing tools, for example, high reliable industrial embedded software Unit testing tools SmartRocket Unit, is an industrial embedded software white-box testing and safety defects inspection tools, for high security area C language implementation to meet branch, statements, boundary and credible safety requirements of MC/DC coverage criteria, is the domestic first by TUV she international authoritative certification.


Software is an important component of the Chang 'e-5 lunar program and a cornerstone of China's future space program. "Trusted software" will become an important trend in the development and application of modern software technology.

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The core technology of Shanghai Control security comes from the team of Academician He Jifeng of Chinese Academy of Sciences, focusing on industrial control system function security and information security key technology innovation and achievement transformation, supplementing the weak point of industrial core software technology restrained by others, easy to "block the neck", and improving the independent innovation ability of core technology.

All control security personnel are confident that, by integrating industry-academy-research-political-investment resources, technological innovation can help the overall development of domestic industrial software, and strongly support the realization of national strategic goals.