Explore avionics generic technology. The second salon

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 On the afternoon of December 18, Shanghai Kongan 51FUSA functional Safety Community successfully held the theme salon of "Application and Exploration of Aviation Airborne Electronic Generic Technology", the second activity of "Urban Traffic Safety +" series. More than 20 professors, technical experts and enterprise representatives were invited to discuss the development of the industry, exchange technical problems and strengthen industrial interaction.

Professor Xiao Gang, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, shared the topic of human factors and safety of SPO in single pilot mode of civil aircraft. Professor Xiao said that SPO simulation research provides the basis for SPO people in the loop research, and in turn, SPO people in the loop research feedback results to THE SIMULATION research of SPO. The two complement each other and jointly establish the effective distribution of man-machine function, responsibility and authority in SPO. In the loop research, SPO people adopt subjective measurement and physiological measurement, which serve as the standard scale of physiological measurement and provide the overall requirements for the human-computer interactive acquisition system of physiological measurement.

Sun Zhiqiang, a senior engineer at ComAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, shares topics related to airborne information systems. Sun Zhiqiang put forward several suggestions to promote the construction of civil aircraft informatization. First of all, it is necessary to compare and analyze the current situation of foreign civil aircraft, draw lessons from foreign advanced experience, and base on domestic technology and process. Second, we should focus on "information network security" while "information network construction". In addition, "Internet +" thinking should be advocated in application services to create an open platform.

East Aviation information Department information security expert Tan Chao introduced how to build the application of security system escort enterprise network security. Tan Chao said that the goal of China Eastern's network security construction is operational security and information security. On the one hand, it is committed to ensuring the security and stable operation of the information system; on the other hand, it can effectively prevent network attacks, prevent data leakage and other acts. At the same time, he also explained in detail the experience of the construction of vulnerability management platform.

Zhang Long, a senior engineer from Shanghai Shiyun Industrial Software Co., LTD., shared a series of examples of thermal design of avionics equipment. Industrial fluid simulation software independently developed by Real-cloud company is a computational fluid dynamics simulation software based on finite volume method to solve NS equation of single-phase flow/multiphase flow. It has advantages in pre-processing, model, algorithm and other aspects, which can help engineers to make decisions more quickly in fluid simulation application.

The experience of model-based airworthiness certification project is introduced in detail by the Functional Safety Research Institute of Shanghai Controlan. At present, the Functional Safety Research Institute has successfully delivered the related projects of ComAC. At the same time, Shanghai Controlan introduced its self-developed software automation test tools and the application exploration of tool chain products in the aviation field.

In the communication link, the representatives of enterprises set out from their own demand points and elaborated on the thorny problems they met at present. Experts discuss and share feasible experiences and solutions in the collision. It also provides effective advice and support for the next step of R & D and business development.