Testing And Evaluation

Service overview

Safety assessment center in accordance with ISO/IEC17025 and CNAS CL01 and related laws and regulations require to establish a laboratory management system, mainly for industrial control, automotive electronics and software products, rail transit system t

Service Items

Functional safety testing and evaluation of automobile, rail transit and industrial control systems

Function safety evaluation of embedded software of automobile electronic products

Business Object:It is applicable to the automotive industry safety related electrical and electronic system research and development units of the research and development of the third party product evaluation; It is suitable for automobile manufacturers to conduct quality evaluation on automobile electronic safety related system, standardize product development process, and improve product safety and quality level; It is also applicable to the functional safety evaluation of the automatic vehicle auxiliary control system.

According to standards:ISO 26262-6:2018 and GB/T 34590.6-2017

Business types:

  • Code review
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Embedded software testing
  • Functional testing

Function safety evaluation of embedded software of rail transit electronic products

Business Object:Third party evaluation of the control and protection system of the communication, signal and processing system required by the CRC management department; It is also suitable for the CRC product development unit to test the product's functional safety, standardize the product development process and improve the product quality.

According to standards:ISO EN50128-2011

Business types:

  • Code review
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Software and hardware integration test
  • Overall software testing/validation
  • Functional testing

Functional safety evaluation of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety related system product software

Business Object:The standard applies to one or more systems consisting of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety devices, and performs functional testing, system development, validation and evaluation, as well as software development, testing and validation to the system product developer as required by the standard.

According to standards:IEC 61508-3:2010

Business types:
Electrical/electronic/programmable electronic security system functional safety test

  • Document review
  • Code review
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • The system test
  • Functional testing

General purpose software product testing

Business Object:Applicable to verify that the software developed by the user performs the software functions specified in the requirements specification. The evaluation results can be used for the user's acceptance of the developer and the developer's product promotion.

Test Standards:GB/T 25000.51-2016

Business types:
1)Document compliance review
2)Software validation test

  • Functional testing
  • Reliability test
  • Compatibility test
  • Usability testing
  • Information security
  • Maintenance security
  • Portability testing

3)The performance test The performance indexes of the system under the specified resource allocation are tested, such as maximum traffic and page view, shortest response time, longest response time, transaction processing rate, etc.

The business overview

The vehicle-based Ethernet test system, developed by Shanghai Control Security, apply for each ethernet OSI layer standard test for automotive OEM manufactures and ECU part suppliers, using international high-quality equipment manufacturer part, providing one-stop testing services for customers.


Test Standards
  • OPEN TC8
  • IEEE 802.3bw-2015
  • RFC 2544
  • RFC 2889
  • ISO 13400-2:2012
Business Types

The system could provide standardized testing, test cases, simulation testing and automated testing to meet customer’s requirements, to service customers with a full range of qualified Ethernet testing services.

Security functional verification tests

According to the information security evaluation system and the specific needs of customers, the security applications and functions adopted by customers are verified to ensure that the security applications in the tested objects can play their functions normally, and the vulnerabilities or logic hidden dangers in the security functions can be found.

Information security penetration test

By simulating the techniques and methods of malicious attackers, the security control measures of the target system are frustrated, corresponding information and permissions are obtained, and a security test and evaluation method with hidden security risks of business impact consequences is found.

Through information collection, threat modeling, threat analysis, scheme formulation, test execution, test report and other main processes, complete the overall security assessment of the tested object.

Compliance testing

To build compliance testing capabilities for all types of standards issued by the CAAC.

At present, safety test system and scheme construction have been carried out for the following safety-related standards to help customers better cope with the compliance test that has come or will come:

The Information Security section of Appendix Q in GB 17691-2018 Pollutant emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Heavy-duty Diesel Vehicles (China Stage 6)
20191069-T-339 Technical Requirements for Information Security of Vehicle-Mounted Information Interactive System
20191066-T-339 Technical Requirements for Information Security of Electric Vehicle Remote Information Service and Management System

Power semiconductor device test and verification platform

Shanghai Lingang Power Electronics Research Institute and TICPSH jointly set up a power semiconductor testing and verification platform, which will fill the gap of an integrated semiconductor device testing platform that is both open and advanced. It serves the whole industry chain of power semiconductor chips, power modules, parts suppliers and complete machine factories from Shanghai to the whole country, and speeds up the promotion and industrial application of domestically developed power semiconductor chips and power modules.


The service content of the power semiconductor test and Verification platform covers chip level, module level and application level testing, including:

  • Chip level test: Chip parameter comparison
  • Module performance testing: Application characteristic analysis
  • Module reliability test: life evaluation, failure analysis
  • Module integration test: virtual load test platform, power capability assessment, driver integration optimization
  • Application carrier: environmental adaptability test platform, durability test platform, design verification
Summary of service

At present, the largest three-dimensional garage in China has been built in Chongming to alleviate the parking problem in Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital. The parking garage is 35 meters high, with 12 tower garages, 6 exits from north and south, divided into 17 parking floors and 408 parking Spaces, covering an average area of 1.5 square meters for each parking space. Project related personnel introduced that the average parking time of normal vehicles is about 1 minute. When the whole project is completed, it will increase to about 1200, which will greatly solve the problem of parking for people seeking medical treatment. In addition, the intelligent parking garage will also build a certain number of charging pile equipment to encourage people on the island to travel on new energy vehicles and promote the construction of Chongming Ecological Island. This project has been approved by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission 2016 Innovation Fund.


1、Physical layer test

  • PMA test
  • IOP test

2、Protocol layer testing

  • ICMPv4/ V6 protocol function/conformance test
  • ARP protocol function/conformance test

3、Transport layer protocol

  • TCP protocol function/Conformance test
  • UDP protocol function/Conformance test
  • AVB Protocol testing

4、Application layer protocol

  • SOME/IP protocol function/Conformance test
  • AUTOSAR UDPNM protocol function/Conformance test
  • DoIP protocol function/Conformance test

5、Switch performance test

6、Equipment leasing

Service advantages

TICPSH, as one of the member units of automobile information safety standards Group, closely follows current events and the trend of standards, closely promotes the in-depth and expansion of compliance testing capabilities, establishes information safety testing system, and improves the quality of safety testing services.

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