Vehicle Ethernet Protocol Conformance Verification Test Laboratory

Service overview

Suitable for automotive OEMs or ECU parts suppliers to carry out standard protocol testing at all levels.

Service Items

The business overview

The vehicle-based Ethernet test system, developed by Shanghai Control Security, apply for each ethernet OSI layer standard test for automotive OEM manufactures and ECU part suppliers, using international high-quality equipment manufacturer part, providing one-stop testing services for customers.


Test Standards
  • OPEN TC8
  • IEEE 802.3bw-2015
  • RFC 2544
  • RFC 2889
  • ISO 13400-2:2012
Business Types

The system could provide standardized testing, test cases, simulation testing and automated testing to meet customer’s requirements, to service customers with a full range of qualified Ethernet testing services.


1、Physical layer test

  • PMA test
  • IOP test

2、Protocol layer testing

  • ICMPv4/ V6 protocol function/conformance test
  • ARP protocol function/conformance test

3、Transport layer protocol

  • TCP protocol function/Conformance test
  • UDP protocol function/Conformance test
  • AVB Protocol testing

4、Application layer protocol

  • SOME/IP protocol function/Conformance test
  • AUTOSAR UDPNM protocol function/Conformance test
  • DoIP protocol function/Conformance test

5、Switch performance test

6、Equipment leasing