Vehicle Ethernet Protocol Conformance Test Platform

Service overview

It is suitable for testing standard protocols at all levels in automobile oEMS or ECU component suppliers. The vehicle-based Ethernet test system developed by Shanghai Control Security adopts international high-quality equipment manufacturers to provide o

Service Items

The business overview

The vehicle-based Ethernet test system, developed by Shanghai Control Security, apply for each ethernet OSI layer standard test for automotive OEM manufactures and ECU part suppliers, using international high-quality equipment manufacturer part, providing one-stop testing services for customers.


Test Standards
  • OPEN TC8
  • IEEE 802.3bw-2015
  • RFC 2544
  • RFC 2889
  • ISO 13400-2:2012
Business Types

The system could provide standardized testing, test cases, simulation testing and automated testing to meet customer’s requirements, to service customers with a full range of qualified Ethernet testing services.


1、Physical layer test

  • PMA test
  • IOP test

2、Protocol layer testing

  • ICMPv4/ V6 protocol function/conformance test
  • ARP protocol function/conformance test

3、Transport layer protocol

  • TCP protocol function/Conformance test
  • UDP protocol function/Conformance test
  • AVB Protocol testing

4、Application layer protocol

  • SOME/IP protocol function/Conformance test
  • AUTOSAR UDPNM protocol function/Conformance test
  • DoIP protocol function/Conformance test

5、Switch performance test

6、Equipment leasing