Power Semiconductor Device Testing Laboratory

Service overview

Jointly built by Shanghai Lingang Power Electronics Research Institute and TICPSH.

Service Items

Power semiconductor device test and verification platform

Shanghai Lingang Power Electronics Research Institute and TICPSH jointly set up a power semiconductor testing and verification platform, which will fill the gap of an integrated semiconductor device testing platform that is both open and advanced. It serves the whole industry chain of power semiconductor chips, power modules, parts suppliers and complete machine factories from Shanghai to the whole country, and speeds up the promotion and industrial application of domestically developed power semiconductor chips and power modules.


The service content of the power semiconductor test and Verification platform covers chip level, module level and application level testing, including:

  • Chip level test: Chip parameter comparison
  • Module performance testing: Application characteristic analysis
  • Module reliability test: life evaluation, failure analysis
  • Module integration test: virtual load test platform, power capability assessment, driver integration optimization
  • Application carrier: environmental adaptability test platform, durability test platform, design verification