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In response to the relevant state departments jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the construction of urban parking facilities, solve the problems of the current parking industry, from the "ecological" two sides of the development and con

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At present, the largest three-dimensional garage in China has been built in Chongming to alleviate the parking problem in Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital. The parking garage is 35 meters high, with 12 tower garages, 6 exits from north and south, divided into 17 parking floors and 408 parking Spaces, covering an average area of 1.5 square meters for each parking space. Project related personnel introduced that the average parking time of normal vehicles is about 1 minute. When the whole project is completed, it will increase to about 1200, which will greatly solve the problem of parking for people seeking medical treatment. In addition, the intelligent parking garage will also build a certain number of charging pile equipment to encourage people on the island to travel on new energy vehicles and promote the construction of Chongming Ecological Island. This project has been approved by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission 2016 Innovation Fund.

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