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HUD Industry Report (2020 edition)

Release time:2020-12-18 Author:Shanghai Trusted Industrial Control Platform Co.,Ltd. Clicks:2511次

HUD (Head Up Display) is a Display system that avoids safety hazards caused by drivers' lowering their heads and diverting their eyes by displaying important driving information on the front windshield in real time. With the maturity of HUD technology and the expansion of market demand, the future vehicle-mounted HUD head-up display market will have a great development.

"HUD Industry Report" (2020 version) was recently released by Gongan Automotive Research Institute. The report first introduces the HUD development background, vehicle-mounted HUD industrial chain, panorama and the upgrading path of vehicle-mounted HUD. Secondly, HUD's working principle, hardware structure and projection technology classification, content display and layout, current development bottleneck and future development trend are respectively introduced centering on technology. Finally, focusing on the market, the paper introduces and analyzes the global market competition pattern, market share and forecast, the supporting conditions of the front installation market and the supporting conditions of suppliers.

Outline of the report

1. Summary of HUD

2. On-board HUD technology

3. On-board HUD market