TICPSH 51fusa Community

Community introduction

51fusa Community is a knowledge service platform focused on highly trusted industrial control. Featuring the establishment of a knowledge base, training base and tool base, it regularly organizes online and offline activities, shares security technologies and products, and explores best practices and experiences, aiming to achieve the gathering and exchange of functional safety or cyber security related enterprises, experts, and users in various fields, and provide strong support for practitioners to accumulate knowledge, improve capabilities, and achieve strategic goals.

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community service

  • Live courses

    Share forward looking technologies and solutions with university professors and enterprise experts

  • Course salon

    Special technical salon, regular series of live public classes, elite lectures

  • Technological tool

    Functional safety tool chain integration, objective tool evaluation

  • Ask and answer each other

    Open question and answer discussion, expert experience exclusive share

  • The knowledge base

    Research report/standard interpretation, classic case analysis

  • Industry information

    Collect first-hand information on functional safety, and release new products in real time

Resident experts

  • Miao Weikai

    Associate Professor, School of software engineering, East China Normal University

  • Guo Jian

    Associate Professor, School of software, East China Normal University

  • Zhao Xin

    Director,China Functional Security Division, Third party testing and certification bodies

  • Liu Chunxiao

    Functional security expert,Aegis media team,TICPSH

  • Dong Hao

    Director,Automotive Electronic Safety Office,Suzhou Tsinghua Automotive Research Institute

  • Zhao Hui

    Executive director,Functional Safety Institute,TICPSH

  • Pu Goguang

    General Manager,TICPSH

  • Gerhard M.Rieger

    Senior Vice President, Global Functional Security,DEKRA