Training Consultation

Service overview

Service Items

Automotive electronics industry service capabilities
  • Training services

     ISO26262 standard training and case interpretation
     Safety analysis training -FEMDA/FTA/FMEA
     Functional safety assessment document guidance
     Medini Software application guide
    SCADE model construction and validation

  • products

     Vehicle level safety analysis and evaluation
     ECU level security analysis and evaluation
     Product certification

  • Consulting services

     ASPICE system Consulting
     26262 Evaluation process consultation
     Product function development (safety related) consultation

Service capacity of rail transit industry
  • test experiment

     Round of testing
     Complete vehicle/component fire test
     Material toxicity test

  • The safety assessment

     General purpose product of signal system
     Signal system specific applications

  • Intelligence operations

     Intelligent track inspection
     Monitored by pantograph characterization
     Operation and maintenance RAMS system

  • Security activities

     CENELEC EN5012X series standard interpretation
     System modeling and formal validation services
     Automated test service

Aviation industry service capability
  • security

     Airborne System Development and Certification (ARP4754A/4761)
     Aircraft/System level safety Assessment (FHA/PSSA/SSA/CCA)

  • reliability

     Reliability design and analysis
     Reliability test and verification
     FRACAS system and continuous improvement

  • Environmental test

     Environmental Appraisal Test (DO-160g)

  • Hardware and software design

     Development and Approval of airborne Electronic hardware and Software (DO-254/178B/C)
     Tool identification, model-based development and validation
     ARINC 661, Cockpit Display System and User System Interface Standard (ANSYS SCADE)

  • Development engineering

     ARCADIA's methodology
     SCADE engineering applications

Industrial control system
  • Training services

    IEC 62443, ISO 15408 and other information security standards training and case interpretation
    System threat modeling--Treat Modelling
    Industrial control system safety requirements training
    Industrial control system safety risk assessment training

  • Consulting services

    Risk assessment and management of industrial control systems
    Third party information security management of industrial control system
    Industrial information security development and testing consulting
    IEC 62443 management system development, certification, consulting
    ISASecure-SDLA development system consulting
    ISASecure-SSA, ISASecure-CSA system information security consulting

  • Assessment services

    Safety level analysis and evaluation
    Industrial control system product safety analysis, evaluation and certification
    Embedded system evaluation and certification
    • Host system evaluation and certification
    Evaluation and certification of industrial network equipment

  • Testing services

    Information security Basic security requirements testing
    Information security standards compliance testing
    Information security robustness tests

Automobile industry service ability
  • Training services

    ISO/SAE 21434 Interpretation, testing and consultation
    Intelligent network vehicle risk assessment
    Intelligent network vehicle safety test
    Development and requirement of information security of intelligent charging pile

  • Consulting services

    Communication compliance testing, construction and consultation
    Communication security compliance testing, construction and consultation
    Overseas market information security access compliance consulting

Typical applications

The training is divided into three levels: Primary, middle and high. The students will attend the examination (examination) organized by the education and training center of the ministry of human resources and social security. After passing the examination, the students will be awarded the training certificate of the education and training center of the ministry of human resources and social security. A total of 42 class hours of industrial control information security training, including 30 class hours of network training and 12 class hours of face-to-face training, the total registration fee is 3000 rmb.

Personnel training

School-enterprise cooperation

Certification certificate

Service advantages

TICPSH Functional Safety Research Institute gathers a group of experts from well-known enterprises and universities at home and abroad, and keeps itself in the forefront of industry technology through active cooperation with major companies worldwide. With the technical strength of the team and rich industry experience, the team can provide international level functional safety guidance and consultation for many national strategic key systems, and can provide full life cycle solutions and technical cases from the system structure design, development process system, to the final system test integration link.

Service advantages

The team brings together a group of security experts of industrial control system, and establishes close cooperation with numerous information security laboratories at home and abroad, which can provide full life cycle information security consulting services for the national key industrial infrastructure industry.