TICPSH College

College introduction

TICPSH College, as the management department and implementation platform of the external training system of the platform, integrates internal and external training resources, establishes the collaborative advantages of the college, and creates a "Huangpu Military Academy" for security training of industrial control system. A series of courses, such as industrial information security, functional security and safe operating system, are designed to meet the security requirements of different levels of industrial Internet. It tries to build a standardized and large-scale certification training system for industrial safety industry, and finally form a cluster effect of mutual support and coordinated development of industrial safety industry, so as to promote the development of industrial safety industry.

College Business

TICPSH college, based on enterprises, universities and talents, provides talents training, teacher training, school-enterprise cooperation, laboratory/training room construction, professional skills competition and other services in automobile electronics, rail transit, functional safety, information security, industrial control system and other aspects.
  • Personnel training

    industrial control information security training, functional safety training, automobile information security detection training, vehicle-mounted Ethernet, artificial intelligence and smart city series training, three-dimensional garage safety training, i

  • School-enterprise cooperation

    professional co-construction, establishment of training laboratory (industrial control safety training platform, automobile information safety testing laboratory), Yangtze River Delta artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition, network

  • Certification certificate

    Industrial Control Information Security (Entry-level position) Training Certificate (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security)

Core Curriculum

Classification of CourseCourse NameCourse DescriptionTraining Objects
Industrial control information security courseIndustrial control information security certificate project (ministry of human resources and social security)Improve the level of security assurance of china's industrial control system, strengthen the industrial control safety systematic understanding, improve the ability of industrial enterprises to resist information security incidents, reduce the risk of information leakage in industrial enterprises, strengthen the professional ability and expertise of industrial control security techniciansRelevant personnel engaged in information security of industrial control systems; university students and graduates majoring in electrical engineering, electronic science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, automation and various kinds of engineering
Industrial control information security trainingIndustrial control information security foundation, safety management, safety technology, safety standards and specifications, safety training and other professional trainingIndustrial automation, power automation, key infrastructure industry related industrial information personnel
Functional safety coursesIndustrial control function safety trainingFunctional safety training is divided into general training, standard training and practical training, which can be customized and modified according to the actual situation of customers, and can provide case analysis of relevant products in the automobile industry/rail transit industryContains the auto industry/rail transit industry system development engineers, hardware engineers, software development engineers, functional safety engineers, reliability engineers/managers, test engineers/managers, product managers,r&d director, project manager, quality manager, security manager, process management, engineers, production process management engineer, etc
Automobile safety and Intelligence coursesOn-board Ethernet TrainingAutomobile Ethernet test training includes theory training, offline practical operation training, project practical operation drill, and specific teaching of onboard Ethernet protocol and network managementAutomobile industry test engineer, information security test engineer and other relevant participants in the automobile industry
Automobile information security inspection trainingThe course for aspiring to smart students in the field of information security made cars, plan corresponding to the car terminal, car machine app, wireless communication and the car bus four big modules, chapters courses in information security theory system, help students build a framework of information security knowledge, understand the common technology information security detection and protection, as well as the detection and protection significance.Automotive test engineers, information security test engineers, information security practitioners, quality managers and relevant participants in product development information security assessment programs
New energy vehicle trainingProfessional analysis to the new energy vehicle policy analysis, automotive technology, intelligent network and automatic driving industry technologyRelevant participants in the automotive industry
Smart City courseArtificial intelligence industrial application trainingProfessional courses on the application of artificial intelligence in industrial industries, such as smart parks, smart cities, smart transportation, smart buildings, digital factories, building detection, etcHeads of governments at all levels, organizations and management departments, business investment and production operations, strategic planning and supply chain
Three - dimensional garage safety technology trainingIt is divided into supplier industrial information security training courses and industrial information security management training courses to train China's stereo garage standards, security management, supply chain management and other aspectsEnterprise procurement personnel, information security management personnel, supplier enterprise management personnel, product design personnel, enterprise management personnel, system operation and maintenance personnel, security related personnel
Management coursesProduction management trainingTICPSH College conducts training for ict courses of but not limited to the power industry and industrial control industry, and the trainees will receive valid certificates of training after receiving the trainingTargeted at senior managers, business managers, IT managers, information security managers, professionals in the field of information security management, information security consulting and service personnel, want to obtain information security related industry qualifications, etc

Typical applications