SmartRocket Analyzer

Static analysis tool SmartRocket Analyzer

Product overview

SmartRocket Analyzer is a static code scanning tool that uses the industry's original virtual execution technology to exploit code vulnerabilities. By virtue of the effective understanding of the product code logic, provide efficient and low false alarm code security scanning capability, build efficient and safe development system for customers, under the premise of greatly reducing the enterprise information security resource investment, improve the overall security level of IT system.


  • The industry's original, leading generation of virtual execution code analysis technology

    The special code analysis engine built for security vulnerability mining focuses on the precise technical details related to security risks during the analysis process, which greatly improves the accuracy of vulnerability mining.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the code's security requirements

    The official version focuses on code security vulnerability scanning, based on more than 1,000 security-related behaviors as the detection benchmark, currently supports more than 200 security vulnerability types, including security vulnerabilities of thir

  • Strong and flexible customization capabilities

    Customized services can help customers implement internal security development specifications and processes, enabling fast and effective automated solutions to implement processes on paper.

Value advantage

  • High efficiency and safety

    Adopting advanced virtual execution technology, the scanning coverage rate is high and the false alarm rate is low. Clear and easy to read vulnerability analysis report, rich statistics, reports, graphical display interface, flexible deployment and scanning methods.

  • Customization capability

    Based on the self-developed code scanning engine, the code scanning engine can be customized according to the business and technical characteristics of users to further improve the coverage and accuracy of code scanning.


Typical applications

Without running the code, the program code is scanned through lexical analysis, grammatical analysis, control flow, data flow analysis and other techniques to verify whether the code meets standards, security, reliability, maintainability and other indicators. In the code writing stage, let the code have a uniform writing style, to reduce the risk and improve the maintenance efficiency of the code from the source.