SmartRocket Modeler

Product overview

SmartRocket Modeler is a homegrown, independently controllable visual modeling development tool. This tool supports the design and development of embedded software models. Beginning with software requirements, it provides users with rich and convenient functionality, such as graphical modeling based on the LUSTRE model language, model static checks, model simulation and debugging, model-in-loop testing, and auto-generation of C code. The tool also supports all series 

of domestic operating systems, providing support platforms for the research and development of high-end domestic manufacturing embedded software. It offers an effective solution for gradually reducing reliance on similar foreign software.


  • Graphical Modeling

    Based on system requirement analysis, use data flow components and state machine component libraries for model-based system design. The modeling mechanism has strict mathematical semantics.

  • Model Static Check

    Analyze whether the model complies with predefined design rules from four dimensions: type check, dimensional check, data dependency analysis, and state transition analysis.

  • Model Simulation and Debugging

    Ensure the dynamic operational capability of the model in specific physical scenarios through model simulation and breakpoint debugging, and visually display results for more intuitive analysis.

  • Runtime Validation

    Associate properties needing verification and verify the built property model. Ensure the model's safety and reliability by verifying whether it meets the property to be validated.

  • Report Generation and Customization

    Generate corresponding reports for user review and archiving, addressing model static check, simulation and debugging, runtime validation, etc. Also, test reports support customization.

  • Code Auto-generation

    After eliminating early model errors and ensuring model consistency, correctness, and safety, carry out model to LUSTRE to code conversion, realizing C code auto-generation.

Value advantage

  • Rich and Extensive Component Library

    Rich and extensible component libraries make it easy to design models for various systems, enabling a wide range of applications.

  • Efficient and Easy-to-Use Modeling Environment

    An intuitive graphical interface enables efficient and easy-to-use model design, increasing productivity while ensuring model correctness.

  • Comprehensive Static Checking

    Predefined design rules ensure model consistency and correctness, detecting early-stage model errors and improving software quality.

  • Dynamic Simulation and Verification

    One-click simulation and debugging, as well as multi-dimensional visualization of simulation data and verification result counterexamples, enable efficient model verification.

  • Effective C Code Generation

    Automatic generation of C code that meets the Chinese military standard 8114 saves time and reduces coding errors.

  • Domestic Environment Support

    Support for typical domestic operating systems and processor platforms ensures that the tool is accessible to a broad range of users and suitable for a variety of applications.

Typical applications

  • Aerospace & Aviation

  • Automative Electronics

  • Rail Transportation