SmartRocket TestGrid

Product overview

SmartRocket TestGrid supports both C and C++ languages and can simultaneously conduct static analysis, unit testing, and integration testing. It accommodates structured coverage testing requirements of varying levels and supports target machine adaptation and testing. Static analysis allows compliance checks with source code based on military standards and MISRA. Unit testing employs dynamic symbolic execution technology to auto-generate test cases with up to 100% coverage, meeting statement, branch, MC/DC coverage criteria. Integration testing offers autonomous control over the degree of function integration.


  • Static analysis

    It supports compliance checks of source code with rule sets such as GJB8114, GJB5369, MISRAC2004, MISRAC2012, MISRAC++2008,TJ DW230-2020-C,etc.

  • Unit testing

    It covers parameters, global variables, stub functions, and stub function parameters, etc.

  • Target machine

    It can be adapted according to the real environment of the project and already supports STM32 and TI's C2000 series DSP.

  • Integration testing

    It supports partial and complete integration and allows setting whether to use stubs when calling functions, fully meeting different integration testing needs under different conditions.

Value advantage

  • High coverage unit testing

    During unit testing, there is no need to allocate dedicated testers separately. Developers can perform unit testing with just one click after coding is completed. Support automatic generation of high coverage and low redundancy structural coverage use cases based on code, meeting statement coverage, branch coverage, and MC/DC coverage, typically with coverage rates of over 80% to 90%.

  • Integrated testing platform

    Static analysis, unit testing, and integration testing can be completed easily through a single tool, fully automating the entire testing process, which developers and testers can use together.

  • Simple user experience

    The tool has a simple interface and easy operation, which users can quickly learn with a low learning cost and excellent user experience. The tool uses the B/S architecture, which can be used across platforms, has low requirements for client computer configurations, and is more convenient and flexible to use.

  • Seamless integration on multiple platforms

    The tool supports Windows, Linux, and Kylin systems and can easily integrate with most network-based software development management platforms or DevOps tools. It also supports integration into the task system of Jenkins continuous integration and other third-party software development management platforms.

Typical applications

  • Lunar Exploration Project III

  • Shanghai Metro Signals

  • Vehicle ECU system