Airworthiness Certification Solution For Airborne Software System

Industry background

Airworthiness system examination and consultation services, mainly to DO - 178 - c, and according to its auxiliary DO - 331 based on model development and validation of software authorized standard, and the DO - 333 formal method development and validation of software authorized standard, design development and validation process based on model and formal method, and the corresponding system of authorized, eventually achieve the Civil Aviation Administration of China, FAA and EASA airworthiness approval requirements of related parties.


  • The solutions include whole-process development and verification coverage guidance consultation based on model and formal methods, engineering services of model tools and verification tools, and consultation of airworthiness certification system, etc., to help civil aircraft products meet the requirements of airworthiness certification by building a complete set of airworthiness certification system.



Value advantage

  • Professional security consulting service team

    The security functional Safety consulting team is the only one in China with avionics system development service and airworthiness audit consulting ability. Its team members have been serving leading European aviation enterprises such as Airbus and Thales For a long time.