Industrial Control Information Security Function Development And Test Verification Solution

Industry background

The recent spate of industrial information security incidents has caused significant economic losses not only to business capabilities, but also to national security in major critical infrastructure industries. With the development of industrial information, industrial intelligence and industrial Internet, the risk of industrial information security is increasing day by day.


  • Industrial control information security function development

    Standardize the product security development process according to the information security development process; Industrial communication protocols, such as IEC 61580, IEC 60870, Modbus, etc. are provided to provide security development solutions for communication protocols.




    Industrial control information security test verification

    Organize and define the information security functions and requirements of the product, and develop the corresponding verification and testing scheme. Provide industrial communication protocols such as IEC 61580, IEC 60870, Modbus, etc., provide test guidance and conformance test verification solutions.




Value advantage

  • Security development and testing capabilities

    Comply with the standard requirements and specifications of safety development and testing capabilities, enhance product safety functions, reduce the cost of development and rectification, enhance the market competitiveness.

  • Comprehensive communication protocol security development and verification capabilities

    Provide comprehensive communication protocol security development and verification capabilities, reduce the cost of security development; To quickly reduce the threshold and cost of communication security verification.

  • One-stop audit and solution

    One-stop audit and solution for multiple types of industrial control information security compliance, such as IEC 62433, ISASecure, IEC 21434, Achilles, safety inspection specifications for industrial control systems, etc.

  • Reduce the likelihood of a system being broken

    Diagnose information security risks and threats of industrial systems, reduce the possibility of system damage, and reduce possible losses.