On Board Information Security Training Solution

Industry background

With the development and popularization of intelligent made car, car intelligent level increase again and again, cognition has not only stay in the safety of the car to ensure the safety of a conventional car function, more and more malicious attackers, began to switch to the target intelligence made cars, from vehicle platforms, remote control APP, automotive communications, smart devices, car bus networks, multiple levels, such as the comprehensive threat on the smart car.

Because of the particularity of automobile as the equipment of manned transportation, automobile information security and functional security are closely related. The breach of some link not only means that user data is stolen and information is leaked, but also may directly lead to the control of the bus network inside the car and the counterfeiting of information inside the car, thus threatening the safety of the passenger.


  • For the purpose of building a network of vehicles safety detection and training system, a set of mature, landing, operable intelligent vehicle information security detection platform is built. Taking the vehicle-mounted information security system as the basic framework, considering the practical needs of college teaching and student information security literacy construction, etc., the company integrates the existing experience in the field of vehicle-mounted information security testing and combines vehicle safety testing and training and teaching under the simulated production environment.

    The test scheme covers vehicle and machine software, vehicle-mounted communication, intelligent terminal equipment, bus and other aspects, improves students' vehicle-mounted information security knowledge literacy in an all-round way, and helps students construct vehicle-mounted information security knowledge system framework and cultivate students' vehicle-mounted information security detection ability based on ability.


Value advantage

  • combination of theory and practice

    It integrates theoretical courses and practical training experiments, reasonably plans the types of testing tools used in teaching, designs testing training courses, overcomes teaching difficulties, teaches students to understand the automobile safety testing system, accumulates practical training experience in simulated production environment, and greatly improves the training efficiency and quality in colleges and universities.

  • A practical software platform

    The development of software system adopts the open system architecture and modular design, using the concept of the middle layer, reducing the system's dependence on hardware, mainly composed of course management, online answering questions and system management, so as to make it convenient for users to use.