Vehicle Intrusion Detection And Defense Solution

Industry background

In February 2020, 11 national ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Smart Car Innovation and Development Strategy", indicating that the car networking industry will get a great opportunity for rapid development in China. However, the intelligent and networked automobile electronics industry will face greater challenges to safety. An invasion of a vehicle, which can be a deliberate or accidental unauthorized access to the vehicle; An attack on a vehicle can be damaging, exposing, altering, disabling the vehicle's systems or information, or otherwise violating the vehicle's security policy. For the future electronic and electrical architecture of autonomous driving and intelligent connected vehicles, how to develop information security reinforcement and intrusion detection mechanism suitable for vehicle controller interaction scene has become a common concern of academia and industry.


  • The main functions of the vehicle end are event detection and log recording, and the cloud is responsible for analyzing and analyzing the log uploaded by the vehicle. Finally, OEM or Security Operations Center (SOC) makes security decisions based on IDPS warnings reported to the cloud.



    IDS sensors, as components of IDPS, are responsible for collecting event information from ECU and the Internet of Vehicles.

    The Tbox contains a component that ACTS as a network proxy for the gateway ECU and can interact with cloud services by passing collected events or getting tokens to sign log files.

    The GATEWAY ECU deploys the IDS engine, filters all inbound traffic, and receives intrusion alerts from various IDS sensors.



Value advantage

  • Value description

    Vehicle intrusion detection and defense system IDPS is an important part of vehicle information security framework, providing OTA upgrade security, system security, log storage security, off-vehicle network security, bus security and GNSS deception and other security monitoring and protection means, improving vehicle safety protection capability.