On-board T-Box safety reinforcement solution

Industry background

With the integrated development of automobile and communication industry, intelligent network has become an important direction of automobile industry development. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Standardization Administration of China jointly issued the Guidelines for The Construction of National Standards System for The Internet of Vehicles (General Requirements). The guidelines put forward that the development of the Internet of Vehicles industry is conducive to improving the level of automobile network connectivity and intelligence and realizing automatic driving. The development of intelligent transportation and the promotion of information consumption are of great significance to China's supply-side structural reform, the building of a manufacturing and cyber power, and the realization of high-quality development.

At present, China's Internet of vehicles industry has entered the fast lane, with increasingly active technological innovation, vigorous development of new applications and continuous expansion of the industrial scale. However, there are still some problems, such as key core technologies to be broken through, industrial ecology to be improved, and policies and regulations to be improved. Intelligent snatched auto focusing system security, data security and network security, improve the safety management system and the protection mechanism, construction of intelligent made cars, car networking data and network assessment system for the total factor of safety inspection, the key breakthrough core technology, improve its hidden perils, risk found, emergency treatment level.


  • The open reference design of the network security terminal unit is provided in conjunction with the Gelu team of Shanghai Control Security. The control part mainly USES SPC58xB series of high-performance microcontroller for car body and network connection applications from STMICROelectronics. It has the highest 2M Flash, 128K+64K RAM and the highest 120MHz PowerPC E200Z420 core. Its network connection part adopts the car-based LTE module SIM7800 based on the Qualcomm car-based high-performance processor platform launched by SIMCom. It includes high-performance ARM Cortex-A7 1.3ghz processor and version 3.18 Linux kernel, with Flash storage space of up to 100M for user programs to run. Onboard Kioxia's gauge eMMC for mass storage; On-board vehicle level SE security unit that supports national encryption algorithm.


    Design the system block diagram

Value advantage

  • Support enhanced SeLinux system security reinforcement, establish a security access control mechanism at the kernel layer, and protect the system process, system files and system role permissions

      1. Process protection function: effectively deal with process counterfeiting and malicious programs such as application, Trojan horse and virus

      2. File reinforcement function: effectively deal with file tampering, program script implantation, configuration tampering, data leakage and other threats

      3. Claim limitation function: effectively deal with local overflow claim, rootkit claim and other remote software assisted claim methods


  • Support the deployment of IDPS intrusion detection system independently developed by Control and Security. This system supports terminal security intrusion detection and protection

      1. Security report: Provide support for TLS security protocol escalation

      2. OTA security: Provide calibration interface with OTA security upgrade scheme

      3. Log security: Provide client T-Box and cloud server security log storage protection scheme

      4. IP traffic monitoring: Linux network traffic monitoring, IP traffic for the implementation of abnormal detection function

      5. GNSS spoofing protection: GNSS spoofing signals are recognized and abnormal log records are reported

      6. Internal network traffic monitoring: packet filtering and abnormal behavior detection in bus network

      7. BLE/WLAN connection: Supports bluetooth BLE/WLAN connection exception detection

      8. Cloud anomaly detection and analysis function: Analyze the collection log and detect abnormal behaviors from the perspective of fleet management