Physiological Emotion Assistant Analysis System

Industry background

"Affective computing" creates a new branch of computer science, neuroscience and artificial intelligence, and promotes the continuous development of affective intelligence that combines emotion recognition analysis with AI technology. Each person's mood, emotion, consciousness and so on internal brain activity, is a kind of energy, has a particular vibration frequency and wavelength, lets the computer go to use these data to identify and understand the emotion of people, and in combination with artificial intelligent algorithm, human facial image of real-time acquisition to the physiological and psychological health assessment, psychological counselling reference, auxiliary diagnosis provide auxiliary support, emotional computing is a highly integrated technology, its application is imperative, the impact on the everyday life in the future will be everything.


  • The physiological and psychological health assessment system synchronously calculates and analyzes the physiological and psychological states of the subjects, and presents the real-time mental activity state of the subjects by chromatographic method. Image technology processing the collected by vibration to the subjects of the vestibular nerve reflex head image, record the participants' psychological reaction, associated physiological and psychological emotion detection d to provide the degree of emotional stability, aggression, stress, anxiety, suspicious, physical and mental balance, charm, vigor, self-control, depression and other parameters, the ten classes can read and use algorithm for multiple intelligences (MI) of the corresponding data analysis, output emotions - energy (I - E) change chart, mental state quadrant diagram and mentality distribution curve on comprehensive analysis and evaluation, staff were asked to eventually form an integrated analysis reference for the tester.

Value advantage

  • Quick

    Present the psychological state in real time, and issue the psychological and physiological evaluation report in 60 seconds;

  • Convenient

    "Portable computing device + video acquisition device + sufficient light" can be quickly deployed; The evaluation process does not require any interaction.

  • Effective

    Immediate assessment of the subject's current psychological state; Comprehensive analysis of the physiological conditions of the subjects can help predict symptoms such as depression and Alzheimer's disease.