Abnormal Crowd Monitoring And Early Warning System

Industry background

With the development of machine learning and the application of the big data technology, emotional calculation and analysis based on video analysis technology in the study of human perception, attention, memory, decision-making, social communication plays a significant role in many respects, such as it not only affected the development of artificial intelligence, also affected the human/machine interaction, and received extensive attention of academia and the business. The early-warning analysis of abnormal population in the field of security can provide the population psychological assessment data of each monitoring point of the population, monitor the psychological and physiological state of people through the latest video AI computing technology, and carry out the modern application technology of original measurement. Especially in some areas where the crowd is easy to gather, the psychophysiological detection, recording, analysis and recognition are carried out on the facial expression data above the shoulder and neck identified in the crowd video collection information. In the case of abnormal crowd gathering, it can provide the ability to warn potential suspicious people and dangerous people, and make a clear trend analysis of the current regional population, so as to provide auxiliary support for decision makers.


  • The early warning and analysis system of abnormal population monitors the psychological and physiological state of abnormal people through intelligent image analysis and processing technology, and monitors and gives early warning of the dynamic movement of macro vibration. System can use video system of public service or bayonet fixed deployment of video image collection, record, break down the head of the micro imaging and thermal imaging figure, through vibration imaging processing of vestibular nerve reflex head image, analysis of the user's head image to obtain the complete information of the head motion parameters, and applying the algorithm to the digital signal obtained were analyzed, and the judge to collect real-time data subject's psychological and emotional state. The early warning and analysis system of abnormal population can effectively deal with the scene of dense human flow and fast flow speed, provide individuals with abnormal behaviors without relying on the feature database to identify weak features and no representation features, and provide intelligent solutions for public security, anti-terrorism, riot and other public services.

Value advantage

  • accurate

    Present the mental state and emotional state in real time;

  • Convenient

    "Platform + video surveillance system" or "portable computing device + Video capture device" can be deployed quickly. No duplication of construction, support for mobile deployment;

  • Undifferentiated intelligent analysis

    There is no need for public security feature database and cloud-assisted computing to collect, calculate and warn individuals with weak features and abnormal behaviors without appearance features in real time.