SmartRocket BlitzFuzz

Product overview

SmartRocket BlitzFuzz is an automated intelligent black-box fuzz testing tool for Industrial Internet protocols, which can help enterprises effectively discover and repair potential security faults in industrial control communication systems. Through automated, systematic, and intelligent fuzz testing methods, PeneETH can help companies improve system robustness and security.


  • Automated Testing

    The tool supports one-click testing. Users can configure corresponding test cases based on protocol templates, selecttest cases according to requirements, and start testing.

  • Real-time Monitoring During Test

    The tool supports real-time display of packet data on the network card. Clicking it will show detailed information, and the displayed packets can be filtered, stored, scrolled, cleared, etc.

  • Protocol Packet Sending

    The tool supports constructing custom packets based on Ethernet Il, TCP, UDP, IPV4, ICMPV4, ARP, SOME/IP, DOIP protocols and sending them.

Value advantage

  • Protocol Modeling, Full StateMachine, Full Field Coverage

    For each protocol, the tool uses protocol modeling to build test cases, thereby ensuring100% coverage of protocol state machines and fields.

  • Automatic Test Case Generation, Based on Black Box Testing Principle

    The tool uses a black-box testing approach, with no need to access the source code during use. The tool embeds test scripts, from test case generation, management, execution, to report generation, fully automating the operation.

  • Public Test Cases, Facilitating Problem Location and Replication

    Every test case of the tool is open to users. Users can view the interaction flow and specific content of test case packets and how exceptional cases are generated.

  • Supports Server-side and Client-side Bidirectional Testing

    The tool provides bidirectional testing for some specific protocols from both server and client side, ensuring complete coverage of protocol packets.

  • High Customizability

    Users can add and customize based on the existing protocol templates or rules of the tool, meeting the feasibility depth requirements of fuzz testing. Supports customized test report templates, providing multidimensional system security analysis based on customer needs.

  • Supported Standards

    N/WP29 R155, T/GHDO 89.2-2022, 20214422-Q-339, GB/T 40861-2021, GB/T 40857-2021, GB/T 40856-2021

Typical applications

  • Inspection Agencies

  • Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Component Suppliers