Rail Transit System Cyber Security Detection Kit

Product overview

The rail transit system information safety detection toolbox is a one-stop rail transit system information safety detection tool platform combining hardware and software. It is mainly used for information safety risk assessment and site work management of rail network production control system. It is applicable to each subsystem of rail transit, providing comprehensive and comprehensive safety detection according to the corresponding standards, improving the detection efficiency and reducing the inspection workload.


  • 通过分析轨交系统信息安全风险评估的方法、体系和规范,研究实用的轨道交通系统安全检测计算方法,规范安全检测评估的流程及输入输出,提高安全检测评估结果的准确性与全面性。解决现有安全检测工作的繁琐纸质化过程,使其电子化、规范化,解决传统安全检测工作的局限性,定制专门针对轨道交通控制系统的安全检测技术,融合多标准、多技术模块。
    【支持标准】 支持等保2.0二级标准和等保2.0三级标准

Value advantage

  • Independently developed software vulnerability detection tools

    Use an intelligent vulnerability analysis engine to scan components for vulnerabilities and license risks. The engine takes advantage of the unique features and vulnerabilities of third-party databases and open source components to improve the accuracy of scan results.


  • Independent research and development of industrial control protocol fuzzy detection tool

    The industrial control protocol fuzzy test tool is used to test the robustness of the implementation of the industrial control network protocol. The malformed data packets are constructed and sent to the industrial control target to test the security of the industrial control network protocol under test.


  • Automatically generate test statistics report

    According to their own penetration test experience, relevant safety standards, design test cases and test results, automatically provide test reports, provide report analysis, and put forward targeted results analysis and modification Suggestions for the tested objects, which can help users find problems of the tested objects more directly, and help them find ways to improve.


  • Multilevel type detection tool

    The original scattered penetration test and detection tools are integrated, and a standardized system detection system is established through a unified detection data collection and output interface.

Typical applications

Main application object production system for rail transit system, including mechanical and electrical equipment monitoring and control system (EMCS), integrated monitoring and control system (ISCS), fire alarm system (FAS), automatic fare collection system (AFC), platform screen door (PSD), the escalator system, access control system (ACS), the passenger information system (PIS), closed-circuit television monitoring system (CCTV), electric power monitoring and control system (SCADA) , broadcasting system(PA), signal system and so on.