SmartRocket PeneX

Product overview

Cybersecurity Testing System PeneX (Penetrator X) is a system designed to support network security testing for whole vehicles, vehicle components, and subsystems. It encompasses four major security testing subsystems: hardware, software , in-vehicle communication and external communication. The system supports compliance testing, including domestic and international regulations and standards. It offers both laboratory deployment solutions and portable toolbox options, allowing for flexible selection based on specific needs.


  • Four Test Subsystems

    Hardware Security, In-vehicle Communication Security, External Communication Security, Software System Security

  • Compliance Testing Sevice

    Data Security Compliance Package, Automotive Software Security Upgrade, R155/Technical Requirements for Vehicle Cybersecurity, 40855/40856/40857

  • Standard Support

    UN/WP.29 R155 Regulation No. 155, 20214422-Q-339, GB/T 40855-2021, GB/T 40856-2021, GB/T 40857-2021

Value advantage

  • Customizable product forms

    Supports cabinet, laptop, and other formats to adapt to different testing scenarios

  • Customizable test cases

    Allows customizing test case parameters and packages for tailored testing

  • Compliance testing service support

    Built-in with multiple compliance standard test case packages, such as R155

  • Automatic generation of test reports

    Test reports are auto-generated and provided with relevant remediation recommendations

  • Third-party tool integration

    Supports third-party tool integration based on customer requirements

Typical applications

  • Inspection Agencies

  • Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Component Suppliers