On Board Information Security Inspection Toolbox (Test version)

Product overview

Vehicle-mounted information security testing Kit (testing version) is a one-stop vehicle information security testing tool platform combining software and hardware, which is convenient for testers to carry to the site for all-round and standardized information security testing of vehicles. Through this test toolbox, testers can carry out corresponding information security tests on cars without too much practical experience in information security, and give corresponding security ratings to test objects, and finally form test reports. The test toolbox can benchmark specific test standards, select differentiated design test cases, and provide automotive suppliers, test institutions, vocational colleges, etc., with standardized automotive information security testing capabilities.

Users can also use the toolbox to more professionally and more efficiently test the risks in onboard systems. Avoids the tedious manual operation, greatly shortens the safety test schedule. This is more targeted to the vehicle system safety risk assessment. Provide comprehensive and comprehensive safety testing according to relevant standards.


  • A collection of multi-level and multi-type testing tools

    The original scattered penetration testing tools are optimized and integrated, and the integrated, standardized and systematic automated testing is completed through the unified test data collection and output interface. Core competencies lie in the use a

  • Different sets of use cases deal with multiple test scenarios

    Through a reasonable combination of test cases and questionnaire types, we can customize the design of various customer types and realize "one machine for multiple purposes". For enterprise users, test center users and vocational college users, test cases

  • Support for multiple test types

    Support port scanning, vulnerability scanning, password explosion, Wifi testing, Bluetooth testing, injection of malicious programs, privacy file disclosure, kernel vulnerability testing and other testing methods. A unique kernel vulnerability database to

  • Automatic report generation

Value advantage

  • Flexible configuration

    According to the different needs of customers, it can be flexibly configured into different software versions for test centers, vocational colleges or enterprises, and adopt corresponding hardware platforms.

  • Easy to use

    In order to facilitate the transportation of products, TICPSH-ITB hardware adopts the drawbar box-type design, and can be tested in workshops and other real sites according to the special requirements of the tested samples. To ensure timely response under any working conditions.

  • Innovative product form

    Testers only need to be familiar with the toolbox product to test the car, lowering the technical threshold for testers. By integrating expertise, emerging standards, and industry practices, the toolkit can be continuously upgraded to maintain high availability and technology leadership.

Typical applications

The main application objects include: automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, professional testing institutions, higher vocational colleges, etc. For different user groups, flexible configuration of different software versions to meet the needs of different customers.
  • Testing institutions

  • Oems and parts suppliers