On Board Information Security Inspection Toolbox (Training version)

Product overview

A set of mature, practical and operable safety testing environment is built for the purpose of building the safety testing and training system of vehicle networking. The test scheme covers vehicle and machine software, on-board communication, in-car intelligent terminal equipment, in-car bus and other detection environments. Competency-based, help students construct the framework of vehicle-mounted information security knowledge system, and cultivate students' vehicle-mounted information security detection ability.

The construction of product environment mainly includes the following parts: theoretical basis of information security, test object, test intermediate equipment and test terminal, etc.


  • Support a variety of training test types

    It supports on-board terminal equipment system safety test, bus safety test, wireless communication safety test, APP application safety test and other training test types.

  • A collection of multi-level and multi-type testing tools

    The original scattered penetration testing tools are optimized and integrated, and the integrated, standardized and systematic automated testing is completed through the unified test data collection and output interface. The core competency lies in the us

Value advantage

  • combination of theory and practice

    It integrates theoretical courses and practical training experiments, reasonably plans the types of testing tools used in teaching, designs testing training courses, overcomes teaching difficulties, teaches students to understand the automobile safety testing system, and greatly improves the training efficiency and quality in colleges and universities.


  • A practical software platform

    The development of software system adopts the open system architecture and modular design, using the concept of the middle layer, reducing the system's dependence on hardware, mainly composed of course management, online answering questions and system management, so as to make it convenient for users to use.

Typical applications

The main application objects are two types: vocational high schools and colleges and universities. It is mainly for students majoring in information security and automobile inspection.
  • Vocational colleges

  • Institutions of higher learning