SmartRocket PeneCAN

Product overview

SmartRocket PeneCAN is a penetration test tool for CAN/CANFD bus. It helps users find potential vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of in-vehicle bus through automated operations. The tool mainly includes fuzzing attack, DOS attack, replay attack, reverse search, UDS detection, UDS fuzzing, E2E, SecOC and other functions. Moreover, it is compatible with a variety of in-vehicle bus test devices, and can automatically generate test report according to the templates.


  • Automation Test

    The tool supports one-click testing.Users can select appropriate penetration function items and configure parameters based on the test object and test purpose.

  • Real-time Monitoring During Test

    The tool supports real-time display of message data on CAN bus channels, which is convenient for positioning and analysis during the test.Users can filter, store or clear messages.

  • Multiple database formats

    The tool supports file formats including DBC, BLF, and ASC. The tool can parse DBC databases, organize them in the structure of nodes, messages, and signals, and display data fields and payload layout.

Value advantage

  • Function items are automatically generated

    The tool embeds the penetration function item, from the execution of function items to the generation of test reports, and fully realizes the automatic operation. At the same time, it provides a system test method that can be followed to ensure that key steps in the test process are not ignored, thus saving test time.

  • E2E、SecOC

    The tool complies with the AUTOSAR specification, supports simultaneous simulation of the sending node of synchronous messages and the sending/receiving node of secured messages; supports multiple MAC encryption algorithms, provides a high degree of freedom in parameter configuration, and supports tampering with secured messages and replaying.

  • Highly customizable

    The tool not only supports multiple attack methods on CAN bus, but also supports users coding according to their own needs. The tool supports custom test report templates, and can provide multi-dimensional system security analysis based on customer needs.

  • Multiple Hardware Vendors

    The tool supports mainstream hardware devices such as Vector, TOSUN, and also support more hardware devices of other manufacturers according to customer needs.

Typical applications

  • Vehicle Manufacturers

  • Component Suppliers